Eggplant: Summer’s Versatile and Worldly Vegetable

Eggplant Flower

This Nourishing Words “Fresh Today” column ran in the Insider section of Tuesday’s Concord Monitor. I hope you’re all enjoying fresh eggplant right now!

Could you come up with twelve eggplant recipes on the spot? Even to win over the love of your life? Perhaps not. But in ancient China, that’s the price a bride had to pay to clinch the deal. The ability to be creative with eggplant in the kitchen was apparently very important.

Eggplant enjoyed popularity throughout Asia for centuries before making its way to Europe. The eggplant we know today descended from wild ancestors, with tiny and very bitter fruit. Over the years, farmers selected for the most desirable qualities, saved the seed and developed ever larger, sweeter and tastier varieties. Continue reading