Leaving Strawberries for Potatoes

Strawberries in Colander

Tomorrow, I’ll head off to Peru for a two-week adventure. It’s impossible to express in words my gratitude for this opportunity. My heart is full of joy and expectation.

I know I will return with stories to share, and I know that I will be surprised and amazed in more ways than I can now imagine.

To lighten my load, and because the second half of my journey will be traveling through little villages far off the beaten path, I’ll be leaving my right arm—oh, I mean my laptop—at home. With neither electricity nor internet available, and lots to write about, I’ll carry my trusty notebook and pen.

I look forward to sharing so much with you when I return.

While I’m away (if you’re in northern climes), enjoy the rest of strawberry season for me. I’ll miss it so very much. Of course, I’ll be busy trying as many of Peru’s 4,000 plus varieties of potatoes as possible; that’s pretty hard to beat, too!

To those of you who checked in on me in the last few weeks to see where I’d disappeared to, thank you for your caring. Preparing for this trip took me on many side trips and proved to be an adventure in itself.

24 responses

  1. Have a great trip! I am happy to tell you that we are growing day-neutral strawberries again this year. They should start bearing mid-July and continue to fruit until frost shuts them down. So, you can have Peru and eat your berries too!

  2. Wishing you a wonderful trip, Eleanor … it sounds just awesome. (I will be curious, too, to hear/read how it felt to be without your right arm! Enjoy your adventure … you are an inspiration!

  3. Wishing you a wonderful trip … I am sure it will be a rich adventure, no matter what! You are an inspiration … and I am perhaps especially curious about how it will feel to travel so long without your right arm! (And I apologize if this is a double comment … got a little tangled up in the log-in process!) ;>)

    • Jordy, Jordy (that, is, both identities)…thank you for your wishes. I know you understand the challenge of traveling without a laptop. I think it will be really good for me. I’m kind of looking forward to that aspect of the trip. I’ve been writing more and more just pen to paper, and it’s a whole different feeling.

  4. What a wonderful opportunity — it’s clear you’ll get so much out of this trip and we all can’t wait to hear your stories when you return! Though, it is a little far to go just to get away from your computer… seriously, that part sounds like a treat in itself. Bon voyage!

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