Bode Miller, on Organic Farming in New Hampshire

Skier Bode Miller, New Hampshire’s own two-time World Cup finalist and three-time Olympic medalist is also a life-long vegetarian. A few years ago, he purchased a 630-acre organic farm in Franconia, New Hampshire, not too far from where he grew up.

He shares some thoughts on eating an organic diet in the following video, produced by Stonyfield Farm.

4 responses

  1. What a beautiful, inspiring website you have….:) I have just renewed my interest in cooking and gardening via an indoor herb garden (hydroponics), so your information is quite timely.

    Thank you :)

    • Thank you! I’ve never tried hydroponics, but it probably would be a good option for these long, dark New Hampshire winters. Enjoy your harvest; fresh herbs add a dimension to cooking that can’t be replaced from a jar.

  2. Ah…you might like to have an Aerogarden. Do a search for that word, and you will be delighted when you see it. ;)

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